Project Description

  • Sirona MCXL2

Sirona MCXL Dental Milling Bur Type 2

Coating: Diamond Bur

Cutting Effect Length: 21.54/22 mm

Shank diameter:M3.5 mm

Overall length:  46/46.3mm

End type: Center cutting

Main features

*This carbide dental burs is designed for use with Sirona MCXL.
*Approved for milling: Glass Ceramics/E.Max/Hybrid Ceramic/Lithium Disilicate
*Specially engineered for precise performance, maximun durability and longer life
* High milling capacity


Suitable for Glass Ceramics/E.Max/Hybrid Ceramic/Lithium Disilicate

WSI.ZJ20.DATrapezoid Step 2021.54M3.546
WSI.TJ20.DACylinder Step 2022M3.546.3

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