Project Description

Aluminum tap


Type: high speed steel

Material: HSS-AL high speed steel

Blade diameter: 8 to 25 mm

Shank diameter: 4-12.5 mm

Main features

*High precision of CNC full grinding, improve the ability of tapping and chip removal, no chip sticking

*HSS-AL high speed steel, selected aluminum HSS material, to ensure that the material hardness, rigidity, toughness, to ensure that the processing is not easy to break

*Super long to avoid vacancy, smooth tapping, no burr

* Spiral groove design, in the rapid processing to ensure smooth discharge of bar association, to ensure rapid processing

*Universal square handle, more convenient to twist, convenient and firm


*Suitable for processing materialsApply to

Aluminum, aluminum alloy, pure aluminum, die casting aluminum, aluminum plate and other metal aluminum

*Adaptation Machine Capable of

Drilling machine, tapping machine, automatic machine, machining center, milling machine

CEDCELSHKOVLProduct SpecificationsOrder NO。

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Speed And Feeds

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