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2 Flutes Zirkon Zahn M1 Dental Milling Bur

Unit Price:DC $29.9  DLC $10.9

Material: Carbide

Coating:DC/DLC/NO Coating

Cutting Dia: 0.6/1.0/2.0 mm

Shank diameter: 6 mm

Overall length:  50 mm

End type: Center cutting

Main features

*This carbide dental burs is designed for use with Zirkon Zahn M1.
*Allow to mill material 10mm-26mm in thickness, approved for milling:
zirconia, Wax and PMMA and some metal milling.
*Specially engineered for precise performance, maximun durability and longer life
* High milling capacity


Suitable for Zirconia, PMMA and wax milling.

Cutting dia(mm)Cutting edge length(mm)Effective cutting length(mm)Shank dia(mm)Overall length(mm)No CoaitngDLCDC

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