Spicy hot crayfish is a delicious dish which is very popular in China. It is a combination of lobster set in a spicy and chili sauce. It is both spicy and hot. It is famous for its flavor. When it is sold in the street, which will soon be enclosed. Even every restaurant sell this dish and the business is everywhere. The spicy hot lobster seems to be more of magnet than most other highly addictive street food because it has 2 Chinese character: “Ma” and “La”, which means the hot and spicy. And they are more popular among the worldwide, especially people in Louisiana.


Others : Your company sells end mill,right? Why you talk about crayfish?

Me: That’s not important,  our boss took us out for meal, so I just show it off.

Others: ???


Yes, we eat crayfish! We know “Chinese is very good at eating” , so we have many ways of eating crayfish, like garlic crayfish, spicy hot crayfish, clear-water crayfish, yolk and crispy rice crayfish, Thirteen-spiced crayfish etc. 

And we took some photos as a souvenir.  By the way, my colleague mocked up a famous dish “Stargazy pie” by using shrimp shell.